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Accelevate Leads

We are a registered skills development social enterprise. Our mandate is to address the skills gap in higher education by connecting the industry sector with potential work force trained with right skills to solve real world problems.

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The Challenge

Unemployment remains one of the major challenges in Kenya and an estimated 80% of Kenya’s unemployed are young people between the age of 15 and 35 years and 60% of this youth are unemployable due to lack of relevant skills. Furthermore, approximately 800,000 young Kenyans are entering the labour market per year.

Facts to note
  • On average, it takes up to 5 years for university students to get decent work post graduation.

  • In 2018 FKE reported , about 4 - 10 staff are recruited at entry level. Of this number, approximately 54% are unprepared to take up the jobs.

  • Companies struggle to get adequately skilled graduates as value of the degree does not match up with the demands in the job markets today.

Our Timeline


  • University

    Losing reputation on the value of a degree for employment..

  • Accelevate Leads

    Experiential training of transferrable skills.
    - The EST program.

  • Student

    No engagement with employer and no means to acquire the soft skills needed for real time work. .

  • Referral System (Our Impact)

    • Market ready, employable graduates.
    • Employers access skilled entry level talent.
    • Excellent university education reputation.

  • Job Market

    Employer struggle to find adequately skilled graduates.

Our Services

We accelerate quality higher education through industry partnerships that promote decent work and economic growth.

Experimental Learning

Skills hunt are training sessions that engage the youth by linking them to the corporate world.

Think Tanks

Tap into spaces for optimum research work with fresh ideas and talent from educated youth.

Hunters Hunt, youth who turn challenges into enterprises.

Referral System

Outsourced skilled graduate talent pool.

Graduates ready for entry level jobs and equipped with knowledge for entrepreneurial pursuits.

Our Timetable

Schedule Plan

Skills Hunt Summit

by John Doe / Ceo of Confer

12-14 Jan 2019

UoN Towers, Nairobi, Kenya

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Skills Hunt Summit

by John Doe / Ceo of Confer

12-14 Jan 2019

UoN Towers, Nairobi, Kenya

View More
Skills Hunt Summit

by John Doe / Ceo of Confer

12-14 Jan 2019

UoN Towers, Nairobi, Kenya

View More

The Skills Hunt Journey

The Process


We partner with employers willing to engage with students.

We engage on an explorative exercise with you to identify areas that need change – problem areas

Call for applications

We open applications based on the number of partnerships we have signed.

Each company is assigned 50 students, some opt for more or less.

EST Program

The students work in teams to solve problems tasked.

Students present solutions and shortlisted to final solutions you want to implement.

Market Ready Pool

Employers implement the innovative solutions.

Provide incentive to the students and Accelevate Leads.


We define the future of work as a skilled human capable of converting challenges into enterprise opportunities; this is the most sovereign capital and investment.


Engagement of potential customers and access to human capital.


Strategic partnerships in mentoring young minds and skills transference for wholesome career development.


Advance local talent and product while contributing to build Kenya buy Kenya.


Solve company problems while addressing the unemployment challenge.

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